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It’s our job to educate, inform and empower the citizens of Fulton County with regard to your overall health. We do that by developing and distributing a wide variety of health education materials and by working with community agencies to raise knowledge about health issues and improve health outcomes. Health Education team members conduct workshops and coordinate the participation of Board of Health staff members in community health fairs and other events. Below is a list of the presentations we offer in our local communities and our contact information: 

Health Education Presentations 

  • Nutrition education
  • Obesity prevention and physical activity
  • Anger/stress management
  • Personal health-proper hand washing techniques
  • Healthy living (topics focusing on specific national health observances month)
  • Methicillin resistant staph (MRSA): the new super germ
  • Influenza (flu) prevention
  • Cervical cancer prevention: human papilloma virus vaccine (hpv)
  • Planning effective health fairs


Click below for information on managing your diabetes.

If you would like the Board of Health’s participation in an event, please complete our Community Outreach Events Requests Form: 

Submitting the form 60-days in advance of your event increases the chances that we will be able to take part. Requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis and will be evaluated to determine appropriateness of our participation and whether we are able to do so.

Our office will contact you as soon as a determination is made. If the Fulton County Board of Health does not offer and/or is not able to provide the requested services, we may offer health literature. For more information, please contact Diane Wesley at 404-613-4238 or Diann Morris at 404-612-1630.

We offer:

  • Literature
  • Participation in health fairs and other events

Health Fairs
- Diane  Wesley 404- 613-4238 or Diann Morris 404-612-1630  

Smoking Cessation- Diann Morris (404) 612-1630

Diabetes Self- Management –Diane Wesley (404) 613-4238

Safe Kids –Angela Johnson (404) 612-4236

Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD) Jennifer Beane  (404) 613-3791

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